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About Me

Who am i?

I'm a technology consultant with a focus on mobile and iOS development. I work mainly with startups including UK App prize winners, building integration for Apple Pay launch partners and working for one of the fastest funded companies ever on seedr. Through work with these companies, and others, I've spent time in The Bakery, completed the Microsoft Ventures accelerator program and taught iOS application development at City University. On top of iOS and backend web development, I can provide mobile strategy and early stage startup advice to my clients.
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Why you should hire me?

I live and breath technology. I have worked in multiple startups, been pitched a huge number of ideas and watched the success and failure of hundreds of businesses which I believe gives me an edge. I'm not claiming to be able to identify the next big thing but I can identify early warning signs and guide you through the challenges. From a development perspective this usually means building something big and complex before establishing if there is real demand for the core product. My process focuses on incremental delivery, keeping early products lightweight and easy to adapt, iterating quickly to build on successes.

How do I work?

I'm seeking work part-time or full-time starting January 2016. For development projects I prefer to work remotely from my office using slack/skype for communication. For collaborative or strategy sessions and for the early stages of a project I'm happy to come to you for no extra cost. I will consider on site roles, within 1 city mapper hour of Harrow-on-the-Hill station, with the additional overheads will being reflected in the cost.

I'm not interested in permanent roles or projects that extend beyond 6 months but I offer a retainer for long term support of all kinds. If your project requires a larger team I can source exceptional quality designers and developers as well as taking responsibility for delivery.

My rates for full time on site start at £3000/week and for remote part time from £450/day. I do not work for equity. Work to be completed through my company Mitchelmore Martin. All prices quoted ex VAT.

About You

Startup founder

You're at the idea stage and you want to make sure your idea is worth pursuing or price out the project to check if it's viable. You might be working on an MVP already and are looking to add resources or have someone take responsibility for delivery. Or you might just be looking to add features or optimise your existing app.

Internal recruiter

You are working on a new or early stage project and need a specialist to package the idea for iOS. You might looking to integrate new tech in to existing apps. You have an existing app that needs a facelift or to be updated to support the latest technology.

Recruiting agency

You have a concrete contract position starting in the near future and can provide details of the role. You're looking for an experience developer to bring reliability and quality to a position. If this is the case, I'm more than happy to work with you on roles that fit the criteria above. When you reach out, please include the job spec and company details.

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